Award-winning Dubai-based fashion designer Julia Milan transported everyone into an unforgettable journey of fashion as she launched her biggest collection to date at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, called ‘The Nomad Heart’ featuring 4 collections named Dubai, Ibiza, Miami and Bali inspired by four of her favorite beaches in the world.

Nomad Heart Collection 1

“I believe that traveling is one of the best way to inspire a soul and these four destinations Dubai, Ibiza, Miami and Bali have touched and inspired me in many ways that is far beyond my expectation, from the moment that I was delicately choosing the fabrics that I will use – I was thinking about the beauty of these four paradise, to the embroideries and threads that makes me remember their captivating seashores, to their sands and skies that inspires me for the colors, to the waves of their pristine water and the breeze of their air that makes me enigmatic to come up with the idea of the style and flow of each dresses — these beaches have been running in my mind to create an impetus of fashion that will take whoever who wears into a journey that they will never forget” said Julia Milan, the fashion designer who pledged on empowering women on every dress she creates.


“It is called Nomad as well as I believe that fashion has no home, it never stop in one place, it is never stuck in one phase, it travels from different eras and time, it flies from different cities and countries and it moves from one heart to another” Julia Milan added.


After the show, Julia Milan receives an ear-splitting round of applause with many standing ovation from fashion critics, media and crowds. The ‘Nomad Heart Collection’ was launched at Blue Marlin Fashion Show on February 27, 2016, at Blue Marlin Ibiza.