1. Describe a day in the life of a successful fashion designer loved by Hollywood Stars?
Depends on the day, really. Some days are crazy when you have to wake up early and just stay on your laptop, plus i like to know everything that is going on in the company so following up with people takes a lot of time too..and most of them are based in different time zones . I have almost daily meetings with someone from my marketing team and manufacturing, some days are casual to the max !
2. Dream celebrity that you haven’t dressed up yet?
I pretty much dressed every major celebrity , so if i had a chance to dress absolutely anybody , living or dead, it would be Vivien Leigh, the actress who played Scarlett O’Hara in the Gone With The Wind movie! How fantastic would that be? And i really want to dress supermodel Elsa Hosk. Her face is just so ‘Tzarina ‘! She would look beautiful in the icy blue fur.
3. Best thing about being a fashion designer?
When you get to see your work on the most beautiful and successful women in the world. The process of it all , always aiming higher then before and then getting there- literally is a breathtaking feeling. You get hooked on it.
Ariana Grande
4. Why did you expand in UAE?
There is a massive market for fur in the Middle East. I have so many clients coming from Qatar, Dubai and Iran. People forget that these girls travel a lot: London, Paris, NYC– fur is a must in these places!
5. TOP 5 Things in your bag?
1)Perfume. I like the ones that are not very publicized. Sometimes i go to Dubai Mall and just get some authentic oil in those silver little jars. It also lasts forever. I’m really into oud and rose right now.
2)Lip liner. Always!
3)My two phones – One for work one for personal use.
4) Sunblock. It’s a must, especially in Dubai.
5) La Prairie undereye illuminator!
6. Favourite fur colour?
Pastels. I go crazy for every pastel shade! Pastel blue, i would say at the moment is my top choice.
7. Favourite day and nighttime beauty routine? 
I am very chill when it comes to this; When i wake up i’ll just go all over my face with a La Mer moisturizing spray and an undereye cream. I do a pony tail and leave the house if my day is casual, then use some light scrub at night and a ton of a moisturizer. Sisley and Clarins are my faves. I am also completely obsessed with skin masks.
8. Message for women who smashes and breaks glass ceilings? 
You absolutely have to love what you do, there is no other way. If you don’t love it, there is no point in spending so much time on your business in my opinion, be it you being a model, actress, fashion brand owner. In the beginning it’s all you, so if you truly believe in yourself and your dream, it will translate to others and you will build a support system like that.
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