Multi awarded Czech Beauty Queen Lenka Josefiova was recently crowned in Malta new Miss European Tourism 2015. She beated almost 40 other contestants from all over the world to achieve this title, where most women in the world are aiming to have. Lenka isn’t only known as THE Beauty Queen, she is also supermodel, TV presenter, actress & brand ambassador to numerous luxury brands. We decided to take closer look to find out more about this Czech Dubai-based beauty & we took this opportunity to have interview with the newly crowned Queen of Tourism.

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Lenka, since she was little, loved joining beauty pageants. She represented her country Czech Republic in 15 international beauty competitions. In the recent two years she managed to get big titles such as: New Star Model 2015 in Korea, Miss Piel Dorada Internacional 2015 runner-up in Mexico, Most Popular Star of the year 2014 at The Asian Trend Awards 2014 in China, Miss Intercontinental Czech republic 2014, Miss Tourism Czech republic 2014, No1 Model of the world 2014 runner-up in Germany, Miss Fashion TV 2013 Most Like in Cyprus, Supermodel International 2013 runner-up & Most Internet Popular in Thailand, The Best National Costume in Romania etc.

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1) First of all big congratulations for your title! Could you tell us a bit more about Miss European Tourism? How was your entire experience in Malta?
Thank you very much dear! The competition Miss European Tourism 2015 is a beauty pageant with a long tradition and I am very happy to be part of it. This year is the 15th anniversary year of Miss European Tourism. It was my first time in Malta and it’s really beautiful there. We had lots of activities during the competition, such as photo shoots on the yachts, boats, in Popeye village, we attended press conferences and conducted sponsor visits. Also we were in Cafe del Mar, we went to visit Malta National Aquarium, we had the chance to see audio-visual documentary movie Malta Experience, we took a small train for sightseeing tour, among other lovely activities. The schedule was very busy & hectic but I really enjoyed all the activities.

I would like to say thank you to the director of the competition Paul Chetcuti for this opportunity & professionalism & to my national director Ivana Sojkova from Jay agency for caring about me & support during the whole competition. Also to my amazing roommate Miss Slovakia Lucia Birova–she was my best friend, the best roomie and I really enjoyed our time during all the activities in Malta.

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2) How are you preparing for the competition?
I always prepare a lot for every pageant I go to as I take the preparations and the actual competition seriously because it’s not only about me but about representing my whole country. I borrowed evening gowns from well known fashion designers – Mona Al Mansouri from Dubai & my final red gown I borrowed from Leo Almodal of the Philippines. My national costume I already had ready from the past pageants that I have done. During my stay in the Philippines, I had special trainings by the best beauty Queens makers in the country – KF. That showed me how hard & with how much dedication their Beauty Queens are preparing for the pageants & I am glad I have became part of KFamilia, where I also became good friends with some of the future Beauty Queens. During my visit in Prague my friend stylist Dominika Haskova made for me some special bikinis & lent me some nice dresses. I was also going often to my favorite beauty salon in Dubai Perfect Shape Up to prepare for the competition.

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Dress by Leo Almodal

3) What are your plans now after the competition? Are you planning to join any other beauty pageant? What are your future dreams & career plans?
I have lot of plans! I decided that this is my last competition. Honestly, I really love beauty pageants and it will be quite hard for me to stop but I have done so many and I do believe that there is certain time that I should stop and let me career go another way, and I feel that this time came now. With this title I have achieved what I wanted – I won a place at the international competition and this title has even bigger meaning for me since it’s connected to tourism which is very close to my heart. It’s a branch that I studied and I have visited over 40 countries around the world. I love to explore new different cultures. Now I would like to combine all my experiences in beauty pageants, my TV presenting work and all my travelling experiences into the TV show called ‘The Travelling Beauty Queen’. I want to give to the people opportunity to go all over the world with me – All around the world with Lenka. This is my biggest dream that I will be dedicating my time to from now on. I have also received lot of invitations to be a judge in different beauty pageants, which is something what I really enjoy to do as well and what I have been doing in past few months, I would like to continue with it. I definitely want to continue my collaboration with tourism boards in different countries, not only for my TV show, but for different projects which I have been helping in many countries such as photo shoots, documentary movies, and TV interviews. I love to the tourism sector! If the opportunity will come, I would like to also dedicate a bit more to acting. In the future, I also wish to have my own fashion brand, cosmetic line & perfume that will have my name. Maybe this all can sound quite a lot, but I am workaholic, ambitious, career driven and very dedicated to my work & I believe that dreams do come true if you really believe in them.

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4) Wow, that’s lot of plans! I really love your idea about your travel show. Could you tell us a bit more about it?
Basically I will be continuing doing what I am always doing, but the difference is there will be a camera crew who will be recording everything, as well as a glam team that will be travelling with me. I will be introducing places where I will travel. It will be a bit of reality show featuring my life as well. I don’t want to disclose too many details yet, there are many surprises, but I am sure it will be very exciting show, it will bring something special that no one has done until now, so stay tuned!

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Dress by Mona Al Mansouri

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