We sat down with and asked random questions to Glitzy Al Banna, CEO slash superwoman of Niche Modeling Agency.


1. Describe a day in the life of a CEO and a mother?
I am pretty sure that everyone has a different case and different schedule but I am happy to give a glimpse of my routine. My day starts right around 9 in the morning by sitting down in front of my table indulging in a brewed coffee, reading some inspirational stories and quotes and afterwards, I play with my daughter for an hour and then I prepare myself to go to office.

2. Which one is harder and more challenging, the former or the latter?
Being a CEO is definitely a tough job. It involves managing people from different cultures and different backgrounds and finding the harmony within but being a Mother is absolutely more challenging but I would not say its difficult as it is the thing that I love the most, loving my kids is what makes me alive and what makes me survive. They are my heart, my life, my dream, my goal and my masterpiece.

3. Best thing about being a mom to a two-year-old daughter?
Absolutely EVERYTHING! The love that I get from my daughter is everything to me and knowing the trust she put in me makes my little heart filled with bliss and my main responsibility is to make sure that she grows up to be the best she can, a God-fearing, loving, compassionate and caring person for her family and for others. I have big dreams for my daughter and her brother Sean’s. Their happiness is all that means to me.

4. Name five things in your office table?
5)make up kit



5 Favourite Dubai spot to hang out?
I have a lot because I love posh and artistic places and Dubai is a big beautiful and creative place filled with wondrous and charming hang out spots, perhaps my top picks are Jumeirah Al Qasr which is near my home, The Five Hotel and Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

6. Shoes or bags?
This is the hardest question ever, it is like you are asking me to choose between my mom and dad. For me, both is essential as a part of woman’s fashion and fashion as you know is my kryptonite.

7. Favourite beauty day and night time routine?
Again my beauty products are also my kryptonite. I religiously apply moisturiser & sunblock in the morning plus my americano & my mobile to read some motivational quotes. In the evening, it is my most awaited time because I can put my collagen mask to make my skin look fresher & glowing for the next day ahead.

Nowadays any woman can be a superwoman and everyone is truly empowering in many ways and as long as your intentions are clean and genuine, dream high, aim high and also strive to motivate the people that surrounds you to reach their goal as well. As a CEO, you need to be a good role model and an inspiration to your team.