1. You are known as a former Miss GB. What is real beauty for you?
Without a doubt real beauty comes from within, a person that is kind, caring and loving is the most beautiful for me.

2. What is your most unforgettable travel experience?
I have been so fortunate to travel to many amazing places. This year alone has seen in 7 different countries! So far one of my favourite destinations has been Georgia. It was a truly phenomenal trip. My friend Emma (my favourite travel buddy) and I decided to get away for a weekend of ski, and Gudauri, Georgia did not disappoint.
However  the most memorable trip is actually my most recent which was to Brunei. I had the opportunity to spend 48 hours there and in that time i ventured into Ulu Temburong National Park. I trekked through the jungle and up to the top canopy where i saw the vast size of the rainforest and also i was lucky enough 3 hornbills taking flight. The view was breath taking and something i will remember for the rest of my life
3. Tell us about your last recent trips.
My last three trips were to Bali, Paris and Singapore. Singapore and Paris i have been to many times and both cities are unique and beautiful in their own right. Bali was a first for me and it left me with a longing to go back. I went for a week which really was not long enough to explore this beautiful island. With mountains, lush jungle and sandy beaches Bali has something to appeal to everyone. And if you love surf like myself that alone is a reason to visit.
4. Do you have any favourite beauty and lifestyle photographers in UAE?
If I want photos taking in Dubai, there is only one photographer i go to and thats Alex Calleung. He is amazing! from the first time we shot i knew he had to take all my images! I really don’t need to say too much because Alex’s extensive portfolio speaks for itself check him out @ac8studio
5. Name a person who has touched your life today?
Ive been touched by many people in my life, who have all had an amazing positive impact on me, of which i am truly grateful. Many of those people are family and close friends, peers in my work environment and some that i have just been fortunate enough to meet along travels and lie journey. To name one person would be near impossible.
6. Things in your bag that you would not trade?
I always have a million things in the bottom of my handbag many of which i would not trade. However the top 3 would have to be…My carmex, no-one likes a chapped lip, My bank card, because this girl loves to shop! and a hair bobble because i always need up tying my hair at some point of the day!
7. Balloons or party hats? 
Balloons without a doubt. I don’t want no party hat to flatten my hair!!
8.Shoes or bags? 
Both! of course. I will never choose between shoes and handbags, i love them both!
9. You are the current ambassador of Thailand in the Middle East, where is your favourite place in Thailand?
This is a really hard question as i love so many different places in Thailand. Each place is unique to itself. I love Bangkok for the hustle and bustle and city vibes. I adore Phuket for its amazing fitness camps, one of which i will be visiting in April and also Phuket has amazing medical facilities there, which is why i went there for my recent breast augmentation. And Changmai really gives you the feeling of being outdoors with nature, adventure and some of the most beautiful temples.
I will in fact be celebrating my 30th birthday in Thailand, but where I’m not too sure! There so many beautiful places to choose from.
10.How do you see yourself five years from now?
This is a really hard question. I would like to think I will be married with children and also managing a successful career in media.