Time to treat yourself, you deserve it.

1. Derma E Hydrating Serum (AED285, leading beauty stores and drugstores)

This products goes deep into the skin, providing moisture to our faces when it tends to dry up. It’s made up of ingredients, like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, that locks up moisture and promotes skin hydration. Constant exposure to summer heat (especially UAE’s!) dries the skin. It’s nice to stash it in our everyday make-up kits.
Why we love it: It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles!

2. Eric Favre Push-up Buttocks Sculpting Gel
Push-Up Buttocks Sculpting GelHoney, you don’t need to undergo expensive and painful surgery. Eric Favre Push-up Buttocks Sculpting Gel is a multi-action complex shaping gel that firms and tones as it eliminates excess water in your buttocks.
If you go to the gym to firm up that booty, apply this while you’re doing that fitness program.
Why we love it: Studies show that it was proven to give women a significant reduction of stretch marks by 72%. Check out www.ericfavre.com for their collection of health products.

3. Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair (AED 25, Boots the Pharmacy and United Pharmacy)
Skin Republic_Neck + Décolletage Repair_AED25
With the rise of technology, we cannot seem to get our eyes and ears out of our smartphones. Well, of course, we have to constantly check our Instagram and Twitter updates and keep our friends updates with our whatnots. Apparently, there’s a new aging problem called ‘tech neck’, when there’s a strange crease and sagging skin that forms around the neck due to excessive neck bending. Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair is designed to target the neck and décolletage, restoring firmness and lightening sun damage. Cloth masks are more effective that traditional creams.
Why we love it: Who doesn’t love beauty masks?

4. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Care (AED17, leading drugstores)

There’s this tried-and-tested trick we women love before applying lipstick: it is to never forget to put lip balm first. Matte lipstick lovers swear by this beauty trick. The heat and the cold air inside our office is a deadly combination for our lips. We just discovered this lip balm and we love its classic vibe and moisturizing properties.
Why we love it: It’s affordable and does the trick.

5. Urban veda Facial Polish (AED95)
I’m currently using this product! I use this once or twice a week and the microbeads are perfect for that weekly cleanse. Made from natural pumice, cold-pressed neem oil, and refreshing essential oils, this does what it promises—it removes impurities and reduces the appearance of nasty blackheads.
Why we love it: Unlike other facial scrubs, they don’t hurt and scrub the skin raw.