The weather and stresses brought about by work weighing your down? We understand the feeling, ladies. There are days where we just want to take a break and spend the whole day pampering ourselves at the spa. We all want that big beauty change.

Cryotherapy is a health treatment involving extremely low temperature (-120 to -160 degrees Celsius) to release endorphins and adrenaline, beneficial for the skin and health. Read up on the list of the best non-invasive (!!!) treatments by CRYO Health:


1) Whole Body Cryotherapy
Tried every weight loss program in the book but still wanting to lose more?
Great for: Those who want to shed a few unwanted pounds.
The process: Just 3 minutes in the CRYO chamber, and you can burn up to 800 calories. Amazing? Amazing. We heard it also aids in muscle recovery and performance.

2) Local Cryotherapy
Spent too much time at the gym? Muscle pains are no joke.
Great for:
Those who are feeling pain in the muscles.
The process: To speed up recovery, 8-12 minutes of freezing the affected area is all it takes.

3) Beauty Angel Professional
One of CRYO Health’s most popular rejuvenating facials!
Great for:
Those who are planning to attain the same effects of plastic surgery.
The process: Using infrared light technology to rejuvenate skin gently and naturally with zero down time, fine lines are minimized and skin looks smoother and tauter.

4) Cellulite Reduction Cryotherapy
Summer is a few months away. Achieve that beach body in an instant.
Great for:
Those who are having problems with cellulites.
The process: The short-term freeze sessions restore the body’s energy flow, helping in the restoration of the skin and at the same time preventing cellulite and premature aging.

5) CRYO Facial
Great for:
Those who want to achieve younger-looking skin.
The process: This treatment activates increased production of collagen in the skin using pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors. The result? More elastic, smoother, and even-toned skin!

6) Chest Rejuvenation
The sun is too damaging yet you want to bask under the sun to achieve that perfect tan. Hmm.
Great for: Those who have dark spots and wrinkles due to spending too much time under the sun.
The process: This is a 30-minute treatment including cleansing, moisturizing, massage, and cryotherapy.

CRYO Health is located at Dubai Ladies Club and Emirates Towers.