It’s May so that means it’s Cinco de Mayo, our favorite celebration of the month! Cinco de Mayo is an important milestone in Mexican history and for us, along with the historical celebration, it’s also an excuse to delight on scrumptious Mexican cuisine.

The whole week has been such a whirlwind of stress, with jet lag and all and I’ve been finding a way to remove all end-of-the-month worries. We, along with other bloggers and media personalities in the region, have been raving about Rosa Mexicano, as seen also in our previous posts here and here.


Last week, my friend and I went to Rosa Mexicano – The Dubai Mall to relieve stress and of course, to sample their best offerings. Delectable food clears away every burdens and tensions and now we’re taking you on a gastronomic journey.


Ziad Aoun, Rosa Mexicano’s restaurant manager, along with the accommodating staff, greeted us and introduced  their best-selling dishes. Every dish has a history and what we love about Rosa Mexicano is the staff and the manager explains every dish to us.


Founded in 1984 by Chef Josefina Howard, Rosa Mexicano has 15 locations across the USA, as well as international locations like Puerto Rico, Panama City, and of course, UAE. Since its inception in New York, it brought to the world award-winning dishes, including the Guacamole en Molcajete, which we loved so much!

First stop: the raved (which I am craving as I write this post) guacamole (AED54, serves 2-3). It’s the best! Ruwie, our server for the evening, asked us if we’re ready for the best-tasting guacamole. Of course, we are! He prepared the guacamole in front of us, which made the experience more fun.


Since 1984, Rosa Mexicano has been serving freshly made guac with avocado, jalapeño, tomato, onion, and cilantro. We ate the guacamole with their chips and salsa and it only took us one bite to understand why it’s the Rosa Mexicano pride.


Next stop: appetizers! We tried Tres Antojitos (AED59), a selection of three appetizers: chicken wings, shrimp empanadas, and crispy chicken tacos.


We also had grilled chicken quesadillas, flour tortillas filled with Chihuahua cheese, served with pico de gallo and a small side of guacamole. The spices and the dips provide the right punch to every generous serving of the quesadilla and appetizers. Mexican cuisine is all about the spices and the fillings.


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Then the star of the show, the main dish: Mixtas (AED99), a mix of chicken, beef, and shrimp, served with warm tortillas, bell peppers, onions, guacamole, cheese, and cream. The fun part: it’s up to you on how you want to whip up your own mixtas! The flavourful chicken, beef, and shrimp took centerstage in the whole mixtas experience, sandwiched in their homemade chewy tortilla.

We gulped everything down with this drink, a mix of pineapple and ginger:


Our favorite part: dessert!

batch_IMG_3660 batch_IMG_3656
We had Churros en Bolsa or hot mexican doughnuts served with three dipping sauces: chocolate, caramel, and raspberry guajillo, and Tres Leches de Zarzamoras or Blackberry Three Milk Cake, sour cream pound cake soaked in three milks, topped with blackberry-hibiscus glaze, toasted meringue. We fell in love with them, especially with the latter. Rosa Mexicano uses the freshest and best ingredients, and it’s obvious with the quality and taste of their food. Every bite fills our mouths with Mexican goodness.


Inside Rosa Mexicano, you wouldn’t feel you’re inside a shopping mall. It was like the stylish interiors with purples, pinks, reds, and oranges transformed to another place, or was that just because their delightful cuisine transformed us to Mexico? Our favorite is their Instagram-worthy cascading water walls.


Rosa Mexicano will also celebrate Cinco de Mayo for a whole week from 3rd to 9th May with a very special menu going on all week and the amazing sound of Mexico’s great Mariachi musicians from Thursday to Saturday. ¡Viva Cinco de Mayo! ¡Viva Mexico! See you there! We’re definitely going back for the best guacamole in town. It’s the closest thing to Mexico.

Here’s the menu for Rosa Mexicano’s Cinco de Mayo celebration:

Chicken Empanadas
3 corn maza empanadas fried until crispy, filled with chicken tinga, beef chorizo and Monterey jack cheese, served with mestiza crema
29 AED

House made tortilla slightly thicker than our regular tortilla, topped with refried black beans spiced with pasilla Oaxaca, beef tinga, sliced red onion, cilantro leaves, queso fresco
29 AED

Acapulco Shrimps Ceviche
Poached shrimps, diced onion, cucumber, tomato, and avocado, chopped cilantro served with tomato juice, ketchup, Cholula sauce, olive oil and cumin powder, with crispy tortilla chips on the side.
39 AED

Main dishes

Crispy Stuffed Chicken
Crispy breaded chicken breast stuffed with spinach, sundried tomato and cheese. Topped slightly with sour cream and served with tomatillo sauce. Accompanied with house rice and refried black beans
49 AED

Shrimps Enchilada
2 soft corn tortilla filled with poached shrimps, onion cilantro, habanero Chile and served with suiza sauce. Accompanied with house rice and refried black beans.
59 AED

Tampiquena con camarones
A traditional grilled rib eye steak, topped with sautéed shrimps mixed with roasted tomato jalapeno caper sauce, rocket leaves, cherry tomato, radish, and cheese with honey lime dressing. Accompanied with seasoned potato fries
99 AED

Mexican Street Corn
Grilled corn on the cob rolled with mayonnaise,
queso fresco cheese and sprinkle with chili de arbol.
19 AED

Rosa Mexicano has two branches in Dubai: The Dubai Mall and Mirdif City Center. For more info and for the whole menu, visit their website at