How are you, lovelies?

Last Beautyworld 2016, Medica Group gave me a bunch of Whish products to try. Being a fan of cute packaging and all things beauty, I was ecstatic. :) Ulta has really good reviews of Whish products and people all over the web were raving about them so those raised my curiosity on whether Whish products are really of holy grail quality. ;)

Let’s review the Whish Body Oil (AED130 at Spaces Beauty Salon – Dubai) first since it’s one of their bestsellers.


Are you the type that craves extra moisturizing? This oh so softening body oil is the fix you need. Not only does this oil leave your skin silky smooth, it also has clinically proven peptides to calm inflamed skin while increasing skin luminance.

Available in pomegranate, almond, lemongrass, lavender, blueberry, coconut and limited edition seasonal flavors.

Restoring Body Oil is made in the USA with Earth friendly packaging and ingredients. Tested on us, not animals™.”


Whish - 6-side

I got the Whish Body Oil in pomegranate–one pump and I already fell in love. One small pump is enough to moisturize the entire arm and the yummy scent lasts for a few hours. This non-greasy body oil is made up of sesame seed oil and sunflower oil to moisturize, olive leaf extract and jojoba seed oil to soothe, and peptides to enhance skin luminance.

In terms of packaging, this comes in a glass container so try and keep the box so you can still bring this while traveling. The pump has a lock so no need to worry about the product being accidentally pumped out of the bottle.


A tip I saw online is to apply body oil all over your body (especially the dry flaky parts) after showering as it helps in moisturizing and increasing the skin’s luster. For extra skin hydration, apply a non-scented body lotion a few minutes after applying the body oil. Majority of us in the UAE stay indoors and the blasting AC tends to dry out our skin. Moisturizers, lotions, and body oils are indeed must-haves.

The Whish Body Oil is perfect for this bikini season because of the luster and highlight it leaves on the skin–no need for highlighters and shimmer powders. Application is a no-brainer, too: just apply it and then go on with your usual routine. Since it’s non-greasy and light, you won’t feel annoyed and uncomfortable even if you sweat a lot–promise! It was my first time to apply body oil and at first I was worried that it might leave some grease marks on my clothes but nope they didn’t. They get easily absorbed by the skin.

If you want, you may just apply this on problem areas like your hands or knees like I do. On a normal day, I just apply this on my legs and arms to keep them extra moisturized. On weekends though I do some full body scrub and apply this all over my body after my shower–the smell and feeling is amazing.


Whish Body Oil is available in four scents: pomegranate, lavender, coconut, and almond. There are seasonal flavors as well.


-Not tested on animals
-The scent smells amazing!
-They are available in many flavors so for sure you’ll find something that suits you
-It really lives up to people’s expectations. The raves online are not exaggerations–Whish products really do work.
-You’ll save a lot of product since one pump already covers a big area of yours skin.
-Perfect for summer!

-It’s a little challenging to find it in the UAE.
-The glass bottle looks really good but this might prevent some clumsy people (aka yours truly) on lugging it around while traveling

Available at:
Spaces Beauty Salon – Dubai
04 515 4400