In the past few years, I’ve experienced a lot of hair dye jobs—brown, light brown, magenta, name it. My problem, as most of us women who love to color our hair experience, are breakage, ugly root growth, and split ends. I wanted to join the ombre trend but I don’t want to do any further damage to my hair, as achieving a good ombred hair involves tons and tons of hair bleach. Eeek.

Before my trip to Thailand (which I’ll blog about later), I wanted to have my roots done and also I’ve been longing to follow the balayage trend. Tips and Toes is an award-winning beauty salon and spa with 18 branches around UAE and I’ve heard so much about it from fellow bloggers and journalists in the UAE! I spoke to Razan of TOH PR for this experience. She mentioned that only Tips and Toes Al Barsha and Business Bay offer hair treatments, and I chose the Al Barsha branch.

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Let me give you a preview on the state of my hair before Tips and Toes. I got my hair cut before having my hair coloured. The roots are an eyesore and my ends are super brittle, I’m sorry.


The place is spacious. The ladies-only haven is divided into different rooms: for spas, for hair treatments, and for mani-pedis. I was quite surprised in how big Tips and Toes is. As I arrived, the friendly and accommodating staff greeted me and showed me around.

Mona is a senior stylist at Tips and Toes. I asked her for a balayage and let her decide on what colors to use, since her expertise in hair styling makes her knowledgeable on the perfect hair color for me. Mona based the hair dye tones from my current hair color and skintone. Using L’oreal Inoa products, she retouched my roots first and proceeded with the balayage. What’s good about L’oreal Inoa is it’s perfect for busy bees like us—for only 20-40 minutes, it achieves the perfect color same as the other hair dyes and with a catch: IT’S AMMONIA-FREE.

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Winner! Goodbye, split-ends and breakage! Aside from the interiors, their display of a wide range of products from top brands like Kerastase, Glam Glow, and L’oreal, among others, caught my eye. For best results and top mane care, the stylists at Tips and Toes also recommend the right hair care range for each and every hair type and problem, so you can still keep your hair at its tiptop shape even at home.

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While waiting for my hair to develop, they made me choose from the refreshments they whip up on their mini refreshment bar.


I got the freshest apple shake I’ve ever tasted in my life.


I spent the 20-30 minutes of developing time reading magazines and double-tapping Instagram posts from accounts we follow (BTW, please follow us on Instagram at @bienthebeautymag !)


Most of the time, we’re so busy we barely have time to pamper ourselves anymore. For those who are planning to have their hair coloured but is hesitant because of time constraints, head on to Tips and Toes. It won’t require too much of your time. Have a mani-pedi while you’re at it!

After the relaxing hair rinse and scalp massage, I never wanted to get up Mona prepped my hair for blowdrying. I was so happy with the results! Three tones lighter unlike other unprofessionally-done “in-your-face” ombres with a shock of color change (like original hair color then seven tones lighter? Eek!). The subtle ombre is perfect. If you’re a fan of the balayage trend, trust Tips and Toes and you won’t be disappointed.

Look at my hair! The lighting doesn’t give justice to it, though.


And the day after, captured under natural sunlight:

I give Tips and Toes five over five stars. The staff are very accommodating and very friendly, their interiors give off a relaxing vibe, and every customer will feel safe throughout the whole treatment procedures. Overall, I’m very satisfied with Tips and Toes. Expect me to pay them another visit two to three months from now, perhaps for a mani-pedi or another hair treatment. If you only have a few hours to spare (or pamper yourself and spend the whole day at Tips and Toes! They have pamper packages) and you want a new and better look, then this is the place.

For more information, check Tips and Toes’ website at

In the meantime, look at these photos of various Tips and Toes branches:

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