Words: Ayesha Pajares (ayesha@bien.ae)
Photos: Ryan Abad

After what seemed to be like the longest week ever, we decided to treat ourselves to some dinner at Laluz, one of DIFC‘s latest dining spot. Aside from the chill ambiance, the intriguing Spanish Mediterranean menu is what keeps Laluz patrons coming back for more. We assure you–everything’s not the usual as they injected unique fusions to simple dishes. And yes, they have a lot more to unravel than the usual tapas and paella. The ambiance is perfect for a date night, lunch with friends, or business dinner with colleagues.

Located in the Four Seasons DIFC, LALUZ’s lounge is a glamorous space that makes bold use of metallic bronze, fine leathers and ambient lighting for a seductive space in which to unwind, see and be seen. LaLuz presents Mediterranean and Catalonian cuisine that seeks to bring a fresh philosophy to Dubai’s gourmet hub. Central to this attitude is an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and highly skilled techniques to surprise and entice the palate.

Alain Devahive, a former three Michelin-starred elBulli chef, heads the kitchen, hence the impressive taste and presentation of each dish.

The staff gives equal attention to each customer, suggesting specials and asking if everything’s going great. We suggest that you ask the staff for recommendations! Each of them knows each dish very well and even takes you to the story of each one.

We were given a set menu, comprised of some Laluz specials:


If you want the unique Laluz experience, don’t dare miss their spherical olives (AED7 each)—this exquisite olive reduction bursts into a delectable gastronomic experience.


Another must-try is the croquette (AED12), which is available in creamy chicken or mushroom. The creamy chicken filling complements the crunchy breadcrumb coating.


Laluz believes that shared food tastes better. Each dish is well-prepared and the food presentation is well thought-of.

Being lovers of cold cuts, we also enjoyed their dry aged galician beef with herbs (AED115).


I’m actually surprised with their aubergine with black olive miso (AED45). To be honest, I’m not really a fan of aubergines but this dish had me coming back for seconds. It’s tangy and sweet, and the saucy texture of black olive miso fuses well with the texture of the aubergine.


We also had their tomato tartar with aromatics (AED 65) – this sweet yet acidic dish tastes good with thin breadsticks.


Another unique offering in their menu is the lobster and avocado roll with caviar (AED110), an impeccable balance of salty and sweet (plus the different textures make it a pleasure to eat!). It’s made up of shredded lobster wrapped in thin avocado slices topped with caviar and drizzled with their special piquant sauce.


If you want something more on the authentic side, then you should try their classic ceviche of ‘Maigre’ homage to Peru (AED75).


For our mains, we had mediterranean squid black rice with foam (price unavailable), Galician octopus grilled with potato foam and smoked paprika (AED105), and roasted meat canelon with foie gras (AED85).

The seafood foam adds more texture to the squid-tinted rice. If you love the briney taste of seafood then order this.


For the Galician octopus, the presentation is reminiscent of the bigger version of this dish. The octopus is tender enough and the potato injects a tender punch to the octopus and the taste of the pepper.


The canelon meat is very flavourful and creamy, you can taste both of the roasted meat and the foie gras. this goes well with wine. If you like your meat and foie gras then we suggest ordering this.


We also recommend that you have wine or cocktails with your mains as they go quite well.

Now for our favorite part: desserts!


We’re glad that we stepped out of the norm and tried some of their contemporary offerings.

The goat’s cheesecake, cream ice-cream, beetroot and raspberries (AED45) tastes fantastic if eaten the correct way– take a small portion of cheesecake, then the ice cream and the raspberry coulis. The sweetness of the cheesecake (made of goat’s milk which makes it super special!) and the tanginess of the coulis make for a perfect balance of taste and texture.


We also had their popcorn and dulce de leche ice cream (AED47)—mix everything together and feel the crunchiness of the popcorn and chewiness of the dulce de leche. Your tastebuds will thank you.


Indeed, we’re coming back to Laluz for lunch or for dinner. Laluz always offers something new, so make sure to go on the lookout for their monthly specials.

LaLuz: Gate Village, Building 9, DIFC, Dubai
Below Four Seasons Hotel DIFC
Reservations: +971 43 597777 | www.laluzrestaurant.com