Because of lack of sun exposure, my skin has returned to its dull, lifeless state, add the fact that it took me three months before rewarding myself with a facial treatment (read all about my previous facial treatment here). After beating so many deadlines and dealing with all the stresses in life, I finally had the chance to pamper myself again, yay! And just in time before all the festivities and parties begin. ❤

I went to Cleopatra’s Spa and Wellness inside Wafi Mall, to experience the Elemis Super Food Pro-Radiance Facial. I have to make myself look stress-free as there are a lot of Christmas parties I have to attend so a hydrating facial treatment like this is a must.

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Elemis Super Foods Pro-Radiance Facial (AED 605)
Perfect pre-occasion treatment, moisture levels are clinically proven to increase up to 60% and elasticity by up to 40% after just 1 treatment. Specialized microcirculatory massage, combined with a two phase amino active mask, helps smooth, firm, plum and restore radiance. A 60 minutes facial followed by a15 minutes eye treatment.


After the 75-minute treatment my skin felt plumper and a lot more hydrated. I also chose to have my blackheads and whiteheads extracted so my face felt cleaner and smoother afterwards.

Of course, after the treatment you should not forget to always moisturize and hydrate yourself as what you eat and drink reflects on your physical appearance. After two weeks, my skin still looks a lot better than its pre-facial treatment state. I will continue to moisturize and hydrate as I want to keep my skin looking like this just in time for Christmas. :)

Perfect for:

The Elemis Super Foods Pro-Radiance Facial is perfect for those who have dry, dull, and lifeless skin. It’s also perfect for this season as the weather and staying indoors for too long tend to dry the skin.

For maintenance, Elemis also launched their Superfood Facial Oil (AED348), a 100% natural blend of highly concentrated super foods that deeply nourishes and hydrates. Apply this in the morning and evening, before your moisturizer.


For the whole range of treatments, you may check it here.

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