I always envy Korean skin—dewy, smooth and flawless (is the word ‘pores’ even in their vocabulary?).I was starting to notice that all the sleepless nights and constant sun exposure is finally taking its toll on my dehydrated skin. When Razan of TOH PR introduced the Elemis Skin Specific Facial (AED 395), I immediately gave it a go, as I need to give my face its much-deserved pampering.

Customised to your skin type, the Elemis Skin Specific Facial combines skin conditioning plant actives, a prescribed mask and unique eastern facial massage techniques. Your face is deeply cleansed to help renew radiance, nourish and balance skin.

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Named as the perfect skin maintenance, this type of facial targets your skin problems. My skin specialist Juliet asked skin-related questions first: allergies, skin history, and products used, among others. Most of the time, when getting a facial, we just pick whichever type of treatment we feel like getting, without knowing if our skin needs it.

One type is the Herbal Lavender Scrub, which has healing properties to balance skin. Perfect for breakout and reddish oily skin, this facial eliminates sebum which produces oil. Those who are aiming to mattify their skin. Another type is Moisturising, for those with extra dry skin because of constant sun exposure and long hours in rooms with AC.

Another is Fruit Activ, which is great for those with dull, lifeless skin. I was given this type of facial as my dull skin makes me look tired and older. Juliet told me that products with fruits will be applied on my skin. I was actually excited because I love the dewy smell of fruits and their moisturizing and hydrating properties.

I’m a fan of the dewy look, as seen in runways and most Korean stars. Cases in point:


Juliet, the lovely woman who took care of my face, also gave me skincare tips:
1. Never skip toner! It closes down the pores so the next beauty products you’ll apply won’t seep in your pores.
2. Exfoliate once a week to eliminate dirt, blackheads and whiteheads.
3. Use a beauty mask suitable for your skin once a week.

During the facial, I actually fell asleep because the room smells of lavender and Juliet gave me a nice massage first before the actual facial. As my skin doesn’t have too much problems (only blackheads, whiteheads, and little spots here and there, this facial is just perfect). She applied Elemis products suitable for my dry and dull skin: rose capsule, kiwi and strawberry, and other products which target my skin problems. As what I mentioned, the Elemis Skin Specific Facial adjusts to your skin.

The Elemis Skin Specific Facial is their own version of the basic facial but more personalized for you. For best results, this is recommended once a month.

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The facial lasts for 60 minutes. You’re also free to use their mini pool and jacuzzi before your treatment. After the facial, I really felt the difference: it has so much life and very dewy. Days after and my skin still has life compared to its previous state.

There are Elemis products everywhere! I wanted to take home and purchase everything.

Cleopatra’s Spa and Wellness
Wafi Mall, Dubai, UAE
+971 4324 7700


In support of Breast Cancer awareness month, Elemis is also offering all beauty lovers a limited edition, Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm Pink Edition which comes with a pretty in pink mini tablet case. Those who want instant bright complexion should try this! This flash balm also reveals smooth, even complexion and dewy luminosity. Perfect if you want that healthy dewy look!

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