Ever since the day of the Kylie lip kit release, I was already on the lookout for each shade but my search was always a failure because: 1) they’re not available in the UAE, 2) they’re always sold out, and 3) online shops sell them for an unbelievable price. I don’t want them because of the hype, nope. One thing that made me want these lip kits more, aside from the shades, is the fact that matte liquid lippies are now on the rise: think Kat Von D, Stila, Colourpop, and more.

I explored the Arcancil Paris stand located at the French pavilion of BeautyWorld as I heard they launched new products in the Middle East. I’ve been hearing a lot of good stuff about Arcancil for so long (they won’t be around for 81 years for nothing!) but I haven’t really tried any of their products.


From all of the products they’re exhibiting, what caught my attention the most was Mat Hysteria, a collection of matte liquid lipstick and one of Arcancil’s bestsellers. I got to try one of their bestselling shades– some mauvey lippie called Beige Rosé Madison (402). It’s one of the safest shades to wear in the office and is still perfect for evening events so I chose this one. I’m not that adventurous when it comes to lip colours but they have the best shades available, from browns to reds to purples. Get the Brun Twist one, I was supposed to get it and I loved it so much but I really don’t see myself sporting the shade.




Beige Rosé Madison (402)

Road test: 
I used the Arcancil Mat Hysteria Beige Rosé Madison for another launch I attended and when applied, this shade is soooo similar to Kylie’s Posie K. Application is super easy, it’s matte, and it stayed put even after a few drinks. Indeed, this will be an addition to my growing go-to lipstick collection.


It’s creamy upon application then turns to matte after a few seconds. Remember to keep your lips moisturized as like any other matte lipstick, it tends to get into the lines of the lips. However, compared to other matte lipsticks I’ve tried, this doesn’t feel hard and ~cracky~ because of its avocado oil formula–a plus in our books! The brush helps in easy application and the product is highly pigmented—the shade you see on the pop is the same colour that will be on your lips.

Tip: To prevent dryness, do some lip scrubbing every week or so. After brushing your teeth, you could also lightly sweep some dried flakes off your lips using your toothbrush.

I’m not really proud with my lip application ~skillz~ so I think this swatch will do:


And compare it to the Kylie – Posie K swatch:

2-swatches-1(credit to the owner)

Arcancil Mat Hysteria also has other shades same with the Kylie lip kit’s so we suggest you get Arcancil instead and save yourself from the stress of the Kylie lip kit hunt as well as some dirhams. ;)

-Amazing shades!
-Stays for 12 hours, but when you eat you might have to reapply as some parts may fade
-Its avocado oil ingredient prevents lips from drying
-Doesn’t stain nor transfer
-Application is a no-brainer
-Affordable! (I’m not sure on how much it exactly costs but one pop costs around AED55-65)

-Gets into the lines of the lips, but nothing that your good old lip scrub can’t fix!

Arcancil Paris beauty products are accessibles in the United Arab Emirates in about 25 points of sales including Wojooh Dubai Mall, Karji, V Parfume, Safeer Xpressions, Ansar Gallery.

Disclaimer: Even though the product was given as a complimentary media gift, all opinions are unbiased and my own. 

Words: Ayesha Pajares