Words: Ayesha Pajares

In Dubai, a go-to spa place is a must to clear away all the stress the busy life in the city could give. There are tons of spa places here and there, some tucked away in the smallest places and some, if you’re feeling extra luxurious, in the city’s top hotels.

I arrived in the spa super stressed and all because I just got out from creating year-end reports for the office. A much-deserved massage is what I needed that time (all the time, if I may add).

As I was late (it was super traffic because of the usual after office rush hour when I scheduled my appointment), I headed straight to the massage room and just decided to indulge myself with their wet amenities after my 60-minute massage.

After tons of partying and the year-end stresses and anxieties in the office, a visit to Mandara Spa is perfect for de-stressing and unwinding. Indeed, the place kneaded all my worries away.

Mandara Spa Entrance

The interior is commendable too, a marriage of contemporary Arabian architecture with rich Asian heritage. It reminded me of my home and travels back in Asia.

Upon arrival the Mandara Spa is an immersive experiential journey, with soft amber candles flickering, evocative fragrances of spices and essential oils as well as the serene melody of soft bells and chimes taking over all senses. The Spa’s evolution began with the discovery of the true reverence of Balinese healing arts mixed with the ultimate luxury therapeutic techniques. Mandara is Sanskrit and comes from the ancient gods’ quest to find the secret to eternal youth and beauty, and Mandara Spa is delighted to be sharing these Balinese secrets with Dubai.

Mandara Spa - Couple Treatment Room

Mandara Spa 031

Founded upon peaceful Balinese rituals, Mandara Spa maintains its reverence for Balinese traditions. In fact, there are 50 spa locations of Mandara Spa all over the globe so if you’re reading this and you’re interested in a Balinese massage experience without actually going to Bali, Indonesia (planning to go there as I’ve read so many good things about the place and my friends are raving about it!) or in the H Hotel branch, then check out this link if there’s one near you.

Mandara Spa - Namaste

(my masseuse is the one on the right, look for her!)

Arabesque Massage is a 60 or 100-minute full-body treatment using Le Sens de Marrakech sensual oils of your choice, and some traditional Balinese massage techniques: warm herbal compresses, and bamboo sticks.

Mandara Spa 003


Mandara Spa 002

They made me choose a sensual oil first, depending on which result I want to achieve after my massage. You can opt for jasmine, verbena, orange blossom, amber and musk, rose and sandalwood, patchouli, sweet mandarin or sahraoui. My choice was orange blossom.

Mandara Spa 053

Mandara Spa 051

The massage aims to lessen the effects of stress and ageing and improve the skin’s elasticity and moisture, recommended now as the weather’s getting colder. An ‘Asia meets Arabia’ treatment, I experienced a truly authentic Arabian experience with this Arabesque signature ritual.

Add the soothing and traditional music on the background, the skillful set of hands of my masseuse with the combination of massage techniques like kneading and rubbing, I fell in a half-slumber. It was heavenly.

Mandara Spa Jacuzzi

After the massage, I spent a few minutes in their thermal and hydrotherapy facilities: soaking in the jacuzzi before going to the steam chamber (they said that this is a must for overall detoxification of the body and is recommended for busy bees who are always in front of their computer screens) and then their sauna (great for relaxing muscles). Then I changed to my clothes and spent some blissful me-time in the relaxation area listening to soothing music, sipping tea and reading. I must say that the massage was so relaxing that one hour wasn’t enough.

Whether you’re visiting Dubai or in need of pampering, we recommend Mandara Spa.

Mandara Spa at The H Dubai is a luxurious urban retreat sprawling 8,611sq ft. The specially appointed Spa Suites for both Females and Males are designed with luxury and privacy in mind. Thai Massage is performed in traditional style on the floor in our Thai Room. The Spa also features one double Deluxe Suite with en-suite bath and shower, eight Single rooms, separate Female and Male relaxation rooms and hydro facilities including Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi and Experience Showers, providing you with the ultimate Spa journey.

For more details, check out their website: http://www.mandaraspa.com/.

The H Dubai
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Tel: +971 4 501 8270
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E-mail: spa@h-hotel.com
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Hours of Operation:
Spa: 9am – 10pm Daily

Even though the massage was given as a part of a review, all opinions are unbiased and my own.