Words: Ayesha Pajares

Good news, Lebanese food lovers! The iconic Lebanese restaurant Al Falamanki has finally opened in the UAE. Opened just weeks ago, the latest Lebanese food craze at Jumeirah is a food place you must try if you love Lebanese food, shisha, and homey vibes.

This Ramadan, gather your family and friends and break your fast as Al Falamanki is offering a varied and generous selection of appetizers and mains. We went in and tried their iftar offerings.

“Al Falamanki, one of the most famous restaurants in Beirut, named after the famous Khalil Al Falamanki, is a unique concept in the food and beverage industry. It is an ode to a golden era which takes diners on  culinary journey of traditional Lebanese food, offering a dash of old city nostalgia in modern-Dubai. Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Falamanki will be offering a varied selection of appetizers and mains, ideal for breaking the fast with family and loved ones.”

Location, Ambiance, and Service
Al Falamanki is tucked away in a villa-like infrastructure just in front of Four Seasons Hotel. Inside, you’ll see family and friends either enjoying their delectable dishes or having some shisha and tea. The place has indoor and outdoor seating and seats up to 500 people.

The villa-like vibe of Al Falamanki exudes a vintage ’60s Lebanese feel to modern Dubai. You’ll feel at home when you’re here. Their servers are really nice, too!

Unlike other iftars that are of the buffet type, Al Falamanki offers a set menu (for AED150 per head). Though it’s a set menu, the dishes are unlimited so having seconds is not a worry!

Before officially breaking their fast, Muslims usually eat three dates. We did that before eating the starters and main courses.

We only had kamaradeen or sweet apricot juice but they offer other drinks as well: some include jelab, lemonade, and other types of juices. Served iced cold, I had seconds as I liked their kamaradeen so much—not too sweet, not too sour. That or I’m just biased towards this drink. :)

For soup, we had the option of vegetable or lentil. Being a fan of lentil soup, I devoured it with crispy thin bread and a squeeze of lemon wedge. Yum. Then we had their starters. We were quite shocked with their wide array of offerings! Just look at them:



Everything’s great but my favorite is the cheese rolls. It had just the right amount of saltiness and tang to it. Or I just like cheese so much?

They are serving traditional dishes for appetizers, with the likes Hashed Chicken, Summac Potatoes, Cheese Rolls, and Fried Kibbe. Main dishes will be a choice from the ‘special’ selection, or the Ramadan daily dishes.

Then after the starters, we had the option on whether we’ll have the meat rice or the one with seafood. We chose both. Since we’re already feeling a little full, we only asked for half-serving of each dish.


The gravy compliments the rice so well! We loved the sweetness of the caramelized onions with the fish and rice. The nuts also gave a nicecrunch and saltiness to the meat and rice. Yum. We gulped everything down with of course, another glass of kamaradeen.


For desserts, they gave us a plate of fresh fruits and some sweets–both not in photo because I munched on them before I realized I need photos for documentation. :(

Have some shisha and tea afterwards, lay back, and relax while enjoying the time with your loved ones. Indeed, Al Falamanki will be another addition to Dubai’s favorite Lebanese places. The ambiance, location, offerings are of perfect mix that will transform everyone to old Lebanon.

Selection of Al Falamanki A La Carte Specialties:

Al Falamanki (2)Al FalamankiIMG_5977

You may also customize the menu to your liking so to prevent food wastage (which is a common thing in buffets, tsk tsk!), you may tell your servers to not serve a certain dish. You also need not to worry about food wastage as they donate the leftover dishes to the less fortunate. Good job, Al Falamanki!

Al Falamanki
Iftar is AED150 per person from sunset to 3AM
For questions or reservations, call 04 435 826