The rose flower—we love it for its beauty and its fragrance. What we do not know is the rose flower has powerful skincare benefits, and Laura Mercier celebrated its love for this blossom with its skincare line, Infusion de Rose.

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Flawless skin can be achieved in two steps (together with getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, of course). You see, the line is comprised of two products: the nourishing oil and the cream. The Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil, with the help of various oils like Rosehip Seed Oil and Safflower Oil, features a restorative balance of natural, skin-conditioning super-oils. The ingredients’ properties are perfect for combatting the effects of our region’s drying heat! A plus: it can be used for multiple beauty benefits, too! You can use it in taming those nasty flyaways and you can also hydrate and soften your nail cuticles with this. Talk about multitasking!

Another product is the Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Cream. Because of shea and mango seed butters (as well as a combination of rich vitamin complex and cranberry extracts), skin becomes moisturized and conditioned. For maximum moisture boost, why not mix the Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Cream and Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil?

The skincare line is a supremely restorative collection of powerful products that brings back and balances the skin’s moisture while infusing the skin with the rose’s nutrients. For Laura Mercier, balanced skin can be flawless skin.