Medica Group is a UAE-based total aesthetic and medical solutions company offering treatments, beauty trainings, and beauty products (think slimming, anti-aging, everything under the beauty umbrella!). Being a lover of Medica Group’s non-invasive treatments (as we already tried their famous slimming violet wrap), we sat down with the Managing Partner of Medica Group, Ms. Tania Azzouz Akl, as she talked about treatments and her love for all things beauty.


“My passion for beauty started from a young age. At the age of 12, my parents moved from Lebanon to Paris, where the “Parisian joie de vivre” and inherent appreciation of all things beautiful had a lasting effect. From Paris, I moved to Montreal – often cited as home to the most beautiful women in the world – to study International Business and Marketing at the acclaimed Concordia University. This pursuit of empowering and facilitating beauty in all its forms finally saw me move to Dubai in the mid 90’s where I founded numerous startups, most notably the Medica Group, a company dedicated to providing multiple beauty and aesthetics solutions. With an emphasis on providing a holistic range of services that encompass the sales, maintenance and support of an incredibly wide array of solutions, Medica is also dedicated to educating its clients to ensure the best possible results. By staying at the cutting edge of the latest, safest technology in the aesthetic field, Medica aims to live up to its reputation of perpetually providing its customers and unparalleled service delivery and incredible results.”

1. What was the driving force behind the success of Medica Group?
The driving force is off course our team, our focus, our expertise, but beyond that it is providing continuous education to our customers so in return they can provide proper beauty solutions to their consumers. It is also providing high standard of service, high quality, effective and safe products and equipments that have been tried and tested.

2.If you could only follow one beauty advice, what is it?
Be yourself, stay natural.

3. What are the five things you can’t leave home without?
To be honest, it’s first my spirit and my positiveness.

4. What’s your favorite beauty treatment?
It’s Restylane skinbooster: it’s hyaluronic acid injections to hydrate the skin and to provide glow and a smoother texture for your skin. Being in the beauty industry, my skin is very important to me. Skinbooster has the right answer for a healthier skin from within.

5. For our readers out there (between 21-27 yrs old), what advice can you give? (beauty-related or not)
Again, stay natural. Little adjustments in your features can make a huge difference, you don’t need to over enhance your looks or look like someone else. Remember, beauty is from within.

Bigger lips or cheeks are not necessarily a sign of beauty. It doesn’t suit everyone and sometimes when over enhanced they unbalance the overall look of the person.

6. What’s in store for the future of the Medica Group and the beauty industry?
The latest slimming technologies. We just added and about to launch the Ultrashape which provides fat destruction through focalised ultrasound.

The beauty industry is now more and more geared into providing safe, effective and non invasive beauty solutions and Medica is always on the watch to bring the latest technologies and to provide tailor made beauty solutions.

With hundreds of highly trained and dedicated employees, Medica stands poised to bring beauty, comfort and wellbeing to millions of people across the Middle East.