A certain scent brings back memories. What if you can easily bring back memories through perfume? We spoke with the creator of Etat Libre d’ Orange, a Parisian perfumery dedicated with its craft. One whiff and your olfactory senses and memory will thank you.

1. Can you tell us more about your inspiration in your new fragrance, Etat Libre d’Orange? What are your favorite materials in coming up with new scents?
“Attackship on fire” (Blade Runner) this is what made us with the poetry of Laurence of Arabia, Grease, American Beauty, Eyes wide shut and The Party (Peter Sellers). How what a confused eclecticism @ Etat Libre d’Orange.
Our latest fragrance, True Lust, is the blending of two of our existing fragrances Putain des Palaces and Dangerous complicity. The idea behind it is to make the bridge between seduction and intimacy. True Lust is all about the passion of falling once again for someone you desire, and that’s what we call The Reality of Love. A good blend of temptation and peril. Give me danger little stranger and take me down the rabbit hole in the pure fantasy of Lewis Carroll. Poetry, fantasy and leather could be our recent motto with a little hint of pleasure on the sofa in a wake of rice powder and lipstick notes. Only lovers left alive @ 69 Archives.

2. How do you manage to come up with a scent that is based from your inspirations?
It is surprisingly easy! At Etat Libre d’Orange, we would rather call ourselves des Paroliers du Parfum, ie we make words for perfumes. What we do really is we tell stories, emotional, inspiring, exciting… to perfumers and they create the scents based on the emotions they get from from story. We exchange our talents, our words become formulas without any taboo and zero constraints on cost formulation. We are not yet money driven but bet on fantasy, fun, emotion and damned non sense. But we crusade for quality.

3. What are your sources of inspiration in coming up with a scent?
Anything goes: depression, insomnia, cash crisis aha! But most importantly, the beautiful nonsense or life. Or something more in line with the spirit of existentialism: the only way you can be sure you exist is by creating something. Being full of doubts, I create a lot. Never expected, reinvent yourself and bankrupt ;-) and then go again till your last breathe. Did I love a dream?

4. How are the notes of Etat Libre d’Orange connected with you?
I feel connected to my brand, Etat Libre d’Orange through its name first, The Orange Free State, my birthplace in South Africa. I am the true son of a free state farm boy raised in the pacific in a remote french island. Etat Libre d’Orange is built to be a platform of existentialism, a hub to connect people including from past lives, feelings, passions and fears. Through this, we are all connected, Ubuntu is a good word for our universal inclsuive formulations : gay, straight we vote omnisex like a ferocious ogre who wants to be loved. I am to the brand, the brand to me and everyone interacting with it at any level. We are folkloric please save the last dance form me (Dolly Parton ). Wanna take a ride ? Spray it on your skin and walk on the wild side far away from Dior, Chanel, Estée Lauder… Be yourself, somebody singular and affirmative.

5. Can you say that Etat Libre d’Orange release any emotions? Can you please describe?
Scents in themselves will create emotions especially. You cannot smell something without memories associated with it, it the way we are. When it comes to Etat Libre d’Orange, we go one step further. Because our scents are based on very emotional stories, it helps you attain stronger feelings. We give an aspérité –an edge- for your mind to get caught on. The rest, are the wonders of imagination. We are protective from disillusion at very affordable retail price ;-).

6. Every scent has a certain “signature”. What do you think is the signature of Etat Libre d’Orange?
Overtly sensual and seductive. Etat Libre d’Orange goes back the roots of traditional perfumery. We work with true artists and artisan who give us the best of their craft. This talent is put towards giving back fragrances their “true”, historical use: a tool for seduction and erotic desire. Qualitative, sincere, emotional. That’s the signature of Etat Libre d’Orange a good blend of greasy lumberjack flirting with dangerous venus on high heel stilettos. Welcome to the farandole of Etat Libre d’Orange.