Summer is about to end and we can already feel like saying hello to cute outfit layering and more outdoor endeavors, which includes hanging out at the beach and eating outside (literally outside).

Speaking of eating out, last week we were invited by Razan of Soul Communications to try Eggspectation, the raved breakfast place in Jumeirah Beach Residence. Egg-based dishes are always delectable: scrambled, eggs benedict, omelette, sunny side-up, well done, name it. Being all-day breakfast and egg-based dish lovers, we got too giddy and grabbed the opportunity.


Eggspectation offers a great view of the beach and customers have the option to sit outside or cool down indoors. We opted to enjoy their indoor dining area as we still found the weather a little humid. The venue is a great escape from the busy streets of Dubai; an ideal option for grabbing some snacks after a stroll by the beachside. They offer what they call “le cirque des œufs,” an all-day experience.


As Eggspectation offers an extensive menu perfect for breakfast to after-dinner chows, the place is mostly filled with hungry customers especially in the morning and in the afternoon, as people tend to visit the beach by that time.


For starters, we had Brie and Walnut Crostini (AED38) and Smoked Salmon Crostini (AED 39). Brie tastes surprisingly good with apples. You should definitely try this! The saltiness and softness of the cheese, tang of apples, and sweetness and crunch of the walnut fused very well. One thing we commend about Eggspectation is they also offer unique dishes like this, a definite must when trying out a new food place.


The Smoked Salmon Crostini is of course, perfect. Everyone loves salmon. Everyone loves cream cheese. The smoked salmon is also served and topped with capers, red onions and cucumbers.


For our main course, we tried Bravocado (AED56) and Filet Mignon Béarnaise (AED150). The two-piece Angus tenderloin steak with a light béarnaise sauce is recommended for meat lovers. It’s served with chopped parsley and a side of salad and lyonnaise-style potatoes, to balance everything out. This dish is great for sharing if you plan on ordering other dishes.


I love avocado that’s why I tried their Bravocado eggs benedict. I always see eggs cooked on a slice of avocado on Pinterest and I was always curious on what it would taste like. If you want to have a different eggs benedict experience, try this dish and top it with lots of cheese. Everyone obsessed with avocado will like this dish. I’m talking to you, guac lovers!


And of course our favorite part, which our stomachs always have room for: dessert. As we are already feeling a little stuffed, we shared one order of S’mores French Toast (AED58). We indulged on this bestseller, a fusion of s’mores, Nutella and french toast drizzled with a generous amount of Canadian maple syrup and chocolate sauce, with fresh fruits on the side to balance all the sweetness. After finishing the whole thing we then declared today as a cheat day and we definitely didn’t regret it after the gastronomic feast we had.


To wash everything down, I ordered Pagé, A Tropical Paradise (AED 32) and our Managing Editor ordered Spa Coco (AED29). My drink is targeted to fruit lovers and health enthusiasts, as it mixes six fruits together. Their staff recommend this for those who are feeling under the weather as this drink is packed with multivitamins. For the taste, it’s a little sour (which I love) and the tastes of the fruits mixed well, with orange juice as base.

The Spa Coco, their bestseller, has a coconut juice base with honey, cocoa and avocado. Intriguing, right?

We had a nice experience and we’re sure we’ll come back to try out some more. Every visit can be unique as their menu is extensive. Eggspectation has eleven restaurants in Canada, five in the U.S., three in India and one here in Dubai.

Price: Two persons for AED200 (approx)
Open daily from 7AM to 12midnight
The Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, UAE
Phone: +(971) 443.07252

Words and photos by Ayesha Pajares