Liwa Trading recognized the Middle East’s demand for timeless pieces as they celebrated the launch of Chaps’ first flagship store in Dubai.


In 1978, the clothing giant Ralph Lauren launched Chaps for Men with a vision for the brand to become a lifestyle rather than a label. In 2005, Chaps repositioned itself as a stand-alone brand, delivering its iconic design sensibility whilst catering to a broader audience at reasonable price points. With a design philosophy communicated through versatile sartorial pieces with a fun, confident spirit that is in vogue whatever season it is, at least one Chaps piece is a must for every fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe. Indeed, Chaps belongs to the list of America’s most loved timeless brands.


Chaps celebrates the iconic American style: carefree and timeless. The versatility of Chaps pieces is perfect for the adaptable personas of the residents in the UAE. From dressy casual to modern classic, you can transform their pieces to any occasion.


Special details in each versatile piece boast unique twists—whether in the buttons or in the patterns. Iconic Chaps designs include the perfect fitting polo shirt available in nautical stripes and plaids, a signature of the label as Ralph Lauren is well-known in the polo shirt department. The hues and patterns of each piece in the collection are reminiscent of a windy afternoon spent at the beach.


The collection contains an extensive array of clothing, accessories and sleepwear for women, men and children. A complete lifestyle collection for the entire family, Chaps offers a wide range of sartorial pieces from signature pieces, casual sportswear, to effortlessly polished tailored clothing, there’s certainly something for everyone. The brand pays attention to quality and detail, ensuring each piece emanates nothing but excellence.


Drawing on authentic inspirations from nautical to Americana, Chaps represents fashion that is fresh, confident, and spirited. Located in one of the most picturesque malls in the region, the label celebrates its achievement in accomplishing its expansion strategy. Chaps is already planning to open stores in other malls around the UAE.

Chaps is available in Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi and in Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai. For more details, you can check out their website at